May Wrap-Up

Hey Book Nerds!

Now that May has ended, it is time for my May wrap-up. I only read two books in May and got a little over 100 pages into a third book, but I am still pretty happy with that since I haven’t read an entire book since February. So, here are the books I read (and started) in May:

Till Death Do Us Part by Lurlene McDaniel


Lurlene McDaniel is an author that is an automatic buy and usually an automatic 5-stars rating for me. Every book I have read of hers, I have loved, and anytime I am at a thrift store shopping for books, if I see one of her books, I buy it. This book was another great book of hers. I didn’t have any issues with this book, other than Lurlene breaking my heart like usual. I gave this book 5 stars.

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Nights in Rodanthe by Nicholas Sparks


Nicholas Sparks is another one of my automatic buy authors, and he is usually an automatic 5-stars author for me as well. However, I did not give this book 5 stars. I loved this book, but I had one issue with it, it was too short and a little rushed. This book is only 212 pages, but it could have been so much longer. Yes, the main portion of this book only takes place over the span of a few days, but I feel like he could have added more to the story. The relationship seemed way too rushed in the sense of development. It wasn’t insta-lovey, I just felt like he could have told more of Paul and Adrienne’s story. Even if he just added 50 more pages, that would have made so much more of a difference and probably would have been a 5 star read for me. I just wanted more of their relationship because it was way too short. With that being said, I still gave the book 4.75 stars.

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City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare


After reading two contemporaries, I wanted to read a different genre. I didn’t really know what to pick up, since I am still at school and have a very small portion of my books here with me, so my choices were limited. I realized that I really wanted to get back in the Shadowhunter world, because it has been a while since I was in this world. I read City of Bones in 2013, so I figured it was time to jump back into this series. I started this book at the end of May and knew I wouldn’t finish it before the end of the month. I did get a little over 100 pages into it, and as of right now, I am 138 pages into it out of 453 pages. I am hoping to finish it next week, because I have a pretty ambitious TBR for June that is full of books that I am dying to read.

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Let me know what all you read in May!