Out of Beat by Cassandra Giovanni (Spoiler Free Review)

I received an eArc from the publisher/author in exchange for an honest review.


“Danny ‘Madman’ Maddox isn’t supposed to make Skylar Haze’s heart beat out of rhythm.

At least not anymore.

She hasn’t seen that boyish face, always covered in a five o’clock shadow, dimpled smile and teasing hazel eyes since the day he left to go on tour with her brother Joey’s band. Now with a major record label backing them the band is in need of a bit of help, and when Joey asks Skylar to be the band’s photographer, she can’t help but say yes.

Of course, Joey doesn’t know about that forbidden kiss.

The one Skylar hopes Danny’s forgotten.

But can she?

One smile and she finds herself slipping again.

But he’s the drummer, and he’s beaten her heart before.

And she won’t let it happen again.”

THIS BOOK. Oh man, this book. Let me just begin with saying I absolutely loved this book. This book follows 5 main characters: Sky, Joey, Danny, Aaron, and Zack. Joey, Danny, Aaron, and Zack have been best friends forever and have formed a moderately successful band. Sky is Joey’s little sister, and the other three boys are considered her brothers. Joey asks Sky to be the bands photographer and to go on the road with them during their tour across the U.S. She agrees, and that’s where the book takes off.

First, I have never read a book like this before. I have only read one or two books that have centered around music, so this was a little outside my comfort zone. I have also never  read (at least not that I can remember) a road trip book, especially one like this. So this book included many firsts for me.

I adored every single character in this book. Sky was a strong, responsible- yet fun, sarcastic character. She wasn’t the ditzy blonde, or the “I’m so in love with you I’m going to let that effect my judgement” character. Sky wasn’t afraid to tell it how it is and she got shit done. The boys were also all fantastic characters. They were goofy and quirky, but protective of each other and Sky. Anytime there was a scene with just the guys interacting with each other, I couldn’t stop smiling and laughing. It genuinely made me so happy to see a group of guys that could have a novel long bromance and it be perfectly normal. Even thinking it about it as I’m writing this is making me laugh all over again. Throughout the entire book they all referred to each other as “family”, and you could definitely not only see that, but feel that. The only thing I have to critique about the characters is that I wish we would’ve gotten to know more about Zack and Aaron. The majority of the focus was on Joey, Danny, and Sky, which is to be expected. But I also really loved the scenes with Zack and Aaron interacting with each other because their bromance was on a whole other level and included some of my favorite parts of the book. I also really appreciated how Cassie wrote this book in a relatable tone. Sometimes, I find that some books are written in a tone that “dumb’s down” the characters because they are young (granted the guys are 22, and Sky is in college) or they overuse “text speak” or just narrate them completely wrong. Cassie didn’t do that at all. She wrote them as intelligent, yet goofy and sarcastic characters who cursed and used words like “legit”, but it was done perfectly.

This book was extremely character driven, which is another step outside of my comfort zone. I tend to gravitate more towards books that are plot driven, and not necessarily character driven. But it absolutely worked for this book. There were some plot twists in the story, but this book was just about 5 best friends going on a band tour across the U.S. Being the plot-driven book person I am, I never once found myself bored with this book, not even for a second. When I say I fangirled over every single page, I am being 100% honest. There was never a dull moment in this book.

Overall, if you couldn’t tell by now, I adored this book. I can’t wait for the second book to come out and to see where the story heads next. I would also really love to see a prequel to Out of Beat because there were some things that happened to the characters before the tour that I would really like to read more about. I would definitely recommend this if you are considering picking it up. I can’t wait to see what Cassie writes next.



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