Life Update!

Hey Book Nerds!

You’re probably reading this and thinking “who is this person?” Yes, I know, I’ve been absent for, well, I don’t know how long. I’ve hated being gone for so long, but school has been killer this semester. This is my final semester of college, and as I am approaching my final week of classes tomorrow, I have a lot more time on my hands, because on Friday, I will officially be done with college! I don’t have any finals during finals week, so the first week of May is completely free for me, which means lots of reading (well, lots of reading when I’m not packing up my apartment). I have several posts coming to you soon, and possibly a couple of very exciting announcements coming your way in a few weeks.

So, now that I am about to be done with school (for good!), I will have a lot more time to read and post. One of the main issues I was having was that I wasn’t reading. I’ve read 7 books this year so far, which is pretty good for me, honestly. But, a lot of my Goodreads friends are already at 20 or 30 books (bravo to you if you are one of those people), so that was extremely discouraging for me. I wanted to read, and when I would, it was taking me weeks or months to finish a book that should’ve taken a weekend or a week. All of that was due to school. I’ve been so busy and stressed out this semester, that any time that I had a sliver of free time, I was either napping (sleep deprivation has been real this semester) or watching Netflix or YouTube because I just didn’t have the energy to read. When I would try to read, I would read 3 pages and fall asleep. But, now that I only have 3 things left to turn in this week that are not time consuming, and I have all of the following week completely free, and then pure freedom since I haven’t found a job yet, I will plenty of time to read, which will lead to more posts from me because I’ll have actual things to say. I’ve also been reading quite a bit this month and I’ve noticed that when I have been able to read, I’ve been reading faster than normal for me for some reason. I’m not sure why that is since I haven’t been reading that much since the beginning of the year, but hey, I’ll take it.

You’ll be getting 4 additional posts this week after this one, because a lot of these things are happening either this week or next week, so you will be getting a post on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday. Then, next Monday you will be getting a post. Those are all that I have scheduled for now, but like I said, some exciting announcements may be coming your way very soon!



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